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Climbing Training Community!!! 
  You love to climb?   We do to!   Let’s be friends!!!

CLIMBING: We are a bouldering gym. No ropes, no harnesses, just great pure climbing above a well-padded foam floor. 2500+ sq.ft. of climbing surface with tall walls just under 16’. Multiple climbing wall mega features of all different angles: Slab, Vertical, Multiple overhung angles 5-60 degrees, Roofs, a Wave, and our favorite, the Mario Mushroom!!!  

TRAINING:  Our gym offers amazing training features for those who want to take their climbing to the next level! We keep 70-90 problems up throughout the gym year round; stripping and setting new problems weekly. We have a campus board, multiple hangboards with an assisted weight pulley systems, two sets of gymnastic rings, bands, some free weights, weighted vests, and floor space to train. We also have a large TREADWALL!!! Picture a treadmill, except vertical!!! You can climb forever!!! 

COMMUNITY:  Our people is what makes Energy Rock Gym AMAZING! Friendly, supportive, fun, loving, great people climb at Energy. Whether you are completely new to climbing or a seasoned vet, you are sure love our community and we would love to have you check us out! 
Bouldering is a great way to get into the sport of climbing. Bouldering is the simpliest discipline of rock climbing styles in terms of technical knowledge (no ropes, knots, harnesses or caribeaners) and it's also the least gear intensive. All you need is climbing shoes (we rent them), chalk (we've got lots) and motivation!   Who knew getting fit and staying in shape could be so much fun!  

We offer bouldering classes that help aspiring climbers learn technique and develop climbing skills. For more information check out our "services" and "classes" link near the top of this page. 

Groups:  Check our "Services" page and give us a shout.  
New to the sport of Climbing?
Call 304-951-8999 for more information.