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Climbing 101 Personal Instruction
New to climbing? Want personalized instruction?  Can't meet in one of our group classes on Intro Climbing Technique?  This class is for you!  Learn the basics about hand & foot holds technique, balance, movement, spotting, and climbing efficiently.  Typically 1 hour long and must be scheduled in advance.  This is a more personal class that is flexible with your schedule.  Max class size is up to 6.  Price is $50/person, and discounted if more sign up.  

Also includes ONE WEEK of FREE Climbing during open hours + FREE shoe rentals so you can practice your skills.
eNeRGy Rock Gym Classes
Want to improve?  Take a class!  
All classes are taught by Experienced Climbing Wall Instructors who can guide you through the steps to becoming a better rock climber. 

If you have any questions regarding our classes or would like more information, please contact us:
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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The intro climbing technique class gives all sorts of information and instruction for the beginner climber. It involves several topics of discussion and time to practice each. As a beginning climber, you'll learn about hand/foot positions, some climber lingo, balance, energy conservation, and all followed by time to climb in the gym. More advanced topics come up throughout each of the classes. 

The classes are taught by an experienced instructor who has taught classes at other gyms in the nation.  

This class is 4 weeks long (4 Mondays or Wednesdays) 6:30-8:30pm and includes 3 weeks of FREE Day Passes and FREE Shoe Rentals for the weeks in between classes to practice your skills. Incredible value!  Max class size is 8 (we try to stick to 6).  Price is $80/person. 

Must preregister for class. Email us for details about next starting dates and details.

Intro Climbing Technique Class
                                                    Incredible Value!!! 
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Climbing 101 Personal Instruction